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Catherine says Hello

Dear Parents, Teachers and Valued Partners in Education

November has been off to a great start, even better mid-week, thanks to our Young Creatives Forum which started on a high and ended with a bang and promises to end wonderfully as we join Marine Parade Library for their anniversary celebrations on the 26th and 27th of November 2012. Read on to find out just how successful  the Young Creatives Forum was and other exciting plans we have in store!

~ Catherine Khoo

Young Creatives Forum: A fantastic show up.

November 12th saw the culmination of the DigiTales Award for 2011 and unveiling of the Singapore’s finest Young Authors shortlisted for the Young Author Award 2011/12 at the Young Creatives Forum.

Hosted by alumni-Young Authors, Kenric Lam and Isabelle Lim, the event was held at the Woodlands Regional Library Auditorium which has a 250-seating capacity. Support for our short-listed Young Authors and DigiTales winners filled up the entire auditorium to reach standing capacity in fact!

Eye-opening talks riveted our audience starting with Mr. Nelson Wee, on the importance and current nature of I-app trends and its role in the education scene. Our Young Author books are now made available on SingTel’s Skoob-platform. Next was 14-year-old Prashanth Ramakrishna who flew down from China to give a talk on his environmental-friendly Bottled-Boat which has gained nationwide recognition in USA, where he is originally from. Students from West Grove Primary School read out excerpts from their Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD)-book, to move our audience to buy the book, where the proceedings went to ASD.

A workshop was conducted from 2-4pm, with a mini-writing-compeition held for the students who attended. Hwang Ji Hye, from Fengshan Primary School, was selected out of the 30 entries that we received, and walked away with a Young Author Scheme-Scholarship worth $880!

Congratulations Hwang Ji Hye for “The Special One”!

View more pics under our gallery.

50 Short-listed Young Authors.

This year saw an increase in the number of entries from our Young Authors all over Singapore! Thank you to all the students who contributed to this encouraging statistic! The 50 short-listed authors will be undergoing a social responsibility project with The Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore on Dec 3rd. The Young Author Awards will be held in May ’12, in conjunction with the Asian Festival of Children’s Content.

Keep an eye on this spot for further details!

Young Reader Club and Janus Education story books are getting
an E-Makeover!

Mr. Nelson Wee, Director for Business Development (Apps and Content) for SingTel gave a talk on the current trend of apps and its growing importance as people begin to get their information-fix on the go, due to a busy lifestyle, packed schedules and simply because it’s fun being app-savvy! Moving along that direction to provide for your tech-savvy readers, the Young Reader Club is now available on SingTel’s Delite platform.

Young Digital Story Teller

Primary School

THIRD: Noryn Bte Sazali, Mayflower PS

SECOND: Megan Toh, Peiying PS (absent)

FIRST: Kenrick Tan, Anderson PS

Secondary School

THIRD: Chloe Ng Jing Xian, Yio Chu Kang SS

SECOND: Ishrareya D/O Ganesan Pathmanaban, Deyi SS

FIRST: Jenair Joseco, Presbyterian High School

Young Journalists Award

THIRD: (From Yuhua Primary School)

Nicole Neo
Chiong Li Fang
Ngo Yan Li
Visali Shanmugunathan
Puteri Nurazwinn

SECOND: (From Tampines North Primary School)

Lee Le Xuan
Wong Yu Xuan
Dashiell Tay
Muhd Furqan
Lai Hui Ling
John Wee

FIRST: (From Loyang Primary School)

Nur Qalisya
Nadira Bte Lamri
Jocelyn Tew Zhi Ning
Cheong Hong Hin

2011 Final Quarter Holiday Programs

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