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Catherine says Hello

Dear Parents, Teachers and Valued Partners in Education

With the first half of the year coming to a close, Janus Education and Experiences & Experiments are gearing to rev up their activities by tying in with social issues. We launched our Young Author Award and Digitales Award and called on Oh Siew May, a courageous young woman, who did not let Cerebral Palsy get the best of her, to give a talk to our young audience.

Read on to find out what else we are making our priority, to make sure the 2nd half of 2011 is just as enriching for everyone.

~ Catherine Khoo

Newsflash Submissions Open for DigiTales Award (DTA) & Young Author Award (YAA)!

On 21 May, we launched for the first time the Young Author Awards and DigiTales Award, at the Woodlands Regional Library. The occasion was filled with fun and laughter as our alumni from our Young Author Scheme came down to support us and gave the audience inspiring and hilarious insights on their experience. An on-the-spot creative writing competition was held, with children winning gifts ranging from vouchers from POPULAR and Pizza Hut to microscopes and mini-table globes. A lucky draw and a moving talk by cerebral palsy-afflicted Oh Siew May who authored her autobiography, Scaling Walls, were also key features. All in all, the launch was a good start to our 2 annual awards!

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Young Author Award

It’s that time of the year again, when we welcome young authors, not just in Singapore but all over Asia with open arms to join this competition and create a platform for themselves and their unique stories. This also enables them to meet like-minded peers and experts in the field and equip them with an experience like no other! The YAA 2010/2011 1st-prize clincher, Tessa Tan, has her story titled, Music from Planet Dungbune featured in Young Reader Club’s upcoming issue 8. Subscribe to Young Reader Club by mailing us at and open yourself to a new world of young writers and hone your skills to send in your entries for the Young Author Award!

Closing date for submission is 30th Sept 2011. Drop in your entry here!

Young Authors learn about Scaling Walls

An author of grit and determination, Siew May is definitely an inspiration for our budding young authors. A very special individual who has found strength and support to battle her cerebral palsy, Siew May wrote a book aptly titled as ‘Scaling Walls’ and spoke with our budding authors on how each of us have resources within ourselves to scale our personal walls. Refreshing and uplifting, Siew May was definitely a hit with our Young Authors!

To find out more about Siew May, you can visit her blog, Scaling Walls.

DigiTales Award

DigiTales Award is an innovative digital media-based competition that allows students to approach story-telling in a much more engaging manner. It allows one to illustrate while writing the story and piecing it altogether using technology via the NewsMaker software. This competition allows for expression through various means, but comes with a theme that participants must adhere to. This year’s theme is “Building. Helping. Sharing. Stories about me with my Community.”

Closing date for submission is 30th Sept 2011. Drop in your entry here! Be sure to check out the productions of our enthusiastic Young Storytellers and Journalists to see their previous award-winning projects!

Janus donates 80 books to Gathering Books

In line with our mission to give every child a voice, Janus Education has donated 80 books to Gathering Books for the children in Leyte and Samar, Philippines. We hope that these books written by our young authors will encourage other children to pen their stories as well. To read more about the project, check out the
Gathering Books blog.

Inaugural Project Dignity cover: Young Journalists from Loyang Primary school cover their 1st social-awareness issue.

For the first time, the Young Journalist Scheme involved its students in a social-awareness project, through Project Dignity.
Dignity Kitchen is operated by Project Dignity and it employs disabled men and women to work in its four stalls, selling nasi lemak and kueh, desserts, vegetarian food and the soon-to-open sandwich and soup stall. It is Singapore’s first on-the-job hawker food school. Among its current employees are a blind man who mans the cashier, two who are deaf and mute, and a polio victim.

The experience was a definite eye-opener for the students, especially since they needed to interview the ‘students’ at Dignity Kitchen and through the questions asked, gained a deeper understanding about the handicapped and the support that we should offer them, for their successful and easy integration into society. Check out the videos to see our Young Journalists from Loyang Primary School at work.

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Welcome on Board

Carlo B. Peņa!

Hailing from the land famed for its hospitality and warm sincerity, The Philippines, Carlo is the brand new addition to the Janus Education Services and Experiences and Experiments-Family. Carlo was a Mass Communication Head of Department in both universities he taught for in the Philippines. He has trained close to a thousand students in the art and craft of communications. He was also a former radio jock and desk editor for local newspapers.

Shantha Lakshmie D/O Sithanandar!

Shantha’s passion for English and her growing experience in teaching young talents, combined to stoke her enthusiasm for spreading the love of English; be it spoken or written. Work is no longer work, for this mass communications graduate, who enjoys every aspect of her job. Welcome to Janus Education Services and Experiences & Experiments Pte Ltd – FAMILY!

Here comes the Young Reader Club’s 8th Issue!

Eyeing on tradition and life lessons, Volume 8 of the YRC Magazine opens your eyes to a world of the past and the present with a photographic time capsule (In Different Strokes); refreshes our history through our voracious Young Cubs who uncover a hidden past of Singapore, talks to 18-year-old Jennifer Yip whose 68,000-word-‘Above and Below Ground’ novella penned at just age 13 won her Maybank’s Special Merit Prize; and includes nuggets of writing wisdom, super-fun facts that can convince your parents to order pizza as a healthy dinner meal and many more pages to whet your reading and writing appetite. This is an issue you do not want to miss!

For more information, visit our website: