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Catherine says Hello

Dear Parents, Teachers and Valued Partners in Education

Every year, we make resolutions and hope to learn from the lessons of the years past. Some of the recurring themes I’ve been hearing are wishes to be better parents, sons and daughters. There is always more to learn about being a better human being, from being more patient with others to learning to smile more.

Over the Christmas season, Janus Education organised a workshop with some of our Young Author Award finalists in conjunction with Project Dignity. It was a fulfilment of a dream I’ve had for 2010 to create Ambassadors among our youths. With the New Year, I hope to continue with this dream through the Young Reader Club magazine and our Janus Education programmes. Read on to find out how we spent our December!

From everyone at Janus and Experiences & Experiments, we wish you a Merry New Year filled with challenges, adventures and accomplishments.

~ Catherine Khoo

Young Authors @ Project Dignity

Have you been to Dignity Kitchen at Balestier Market Food Centre?

Three days before Christmas, several finalists of the Young Author Award 2010/11 had an eye-opening experience. They joined a workshop organised by Janus Education and Project Dignity, a social enterprise conceptualised by Mr. Koh Seng Choon, a man with a strong passion to give the handicapped the chance to live a normal life.

Mr. Ellison from Project Dignity teach YAA finalists how to sign. Impossible? “No it isn’t!” as the kids learned in their workshop. They interacted with the handicapped and learned that despite their disabilities, they are normal people who live normal lives. Mr. Norjumanese, 32, is the cheerful blind man who handles the cash register. He taught the kids how to count numbers using Braille. At another station, Mr. Sim happily taught them how to decorate bowls of dessert while Mr. Elison taught them how to sign We Wish You a Merry Christmas; greatly encouraging the kids with each word.They clearly touched the children with    
their hope and optimism.

According to Mr. Koh, “The interaction between the young writers and our disabled students will be excellent learning for both parties. Educating today’s young people will help the adults of the future to be comfortable working and living with the disadvantaged and disabled members of society.”

More stories on Project Dignity will be featured in our March/April issue of Young Reader Club. Don’t forget to grab a copy!

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Facts about Dignity Kichen
Sofia, from Janus Education and Mr. Norjumanese, from Project Dignity, teach YAA finalists how to read Braille.

Dignity Kitchen is operated by Project Dignity and trains the disabled and disadvantaged to work in its four stalls; selling nasi lemak and kueh, desserts, vegetarian food and the soon-to-open sandwich and soup stall. It is Singapore’s first on-the-job hawker training school.

Among its current employees are a blind man who mans the cashier, two who are deaf and mute and a polio victim.

Young Author Club (December) Session

The YAC Session had them at the edges of their seats. Last month, we had a great mix of regular members and new faces. With 30 students in our session, Roy Koh's Mystery of the Haunted School (found in the book, Young Author Club: Tales of Ghosts and Ghouls) engaged the members with its good build-up of suspense and conversational writing style. The inquiring minds explored and dissected what Writing Style meant and tried to identify their own writing styles.

In our next session, we’ll be exploring Vocabulary. So if you are between 9 – 14 years old and interested in joining us, bring a sample of your writing down. The YAC meets every last Friday of the month. Our next session will be held on 28th January from 4 -5.30pm at the Everest Room, Level 4, Woodlands Regional Library. RSVP to!

Young Author Club: Tales of Ghosts and Ghouls can be found in all National Library branches.

Programmes For 2011

“Programmes such as the Young Digital Storyteller Scheme (YoDS) and the Young Author Scheme (YAS) seek to accomplish these goals by giving students an avenue for expression and a platform to showcase their capability. They start off with confidence-building before moving on to an affirmation of the student’s talents and finally, to the application of skills learnt to make a story. These are things which MOE strongly supports.” -- Mr. Jimmy Tan, Deputy Director (School Appraisal), Ministry of Education at the Young Creatives! Forum 2010

Janus Education’s motto of Breaking Boundaries in Education is about empowering the learner. Combining the best of traditional methods with recent approaches, Janus Education concentrates on a need-basis module for effective education. Every activity is designed to involve the student, making learning fun and above all, to stay with the student long after the course is finished.

Students produce their own 3,000-word novel with an illustrated cover.

Students produce their own 3,000-word novel with an illustrated cover.

Young Author Scheme (Primary 3 – Sec 3)
Endorsed by National Arts Council and eligible for the 60% subsidy, YAS is Singapore’s first-ever programme that stimulates and challenges your students to crafting an original story of 3,000 words and more. Students learn about story modelling, characterisation and plot development in this journey to their very first masterpiece!
Pioneer Primary students performing a choral adaptation of The Christmas Carol.

Pioneer Primary students performing a choral adaptation of The Christmas Carol.

Awesome Authors (Primary 3 – 6)
Endorsed by National Arts Council and eligible for the 60% subsidy, Awesome Authors exposes students to literary classics to promote critical thinking and confidence building. The course culminates into a performance based on one of the books they’ve read.


Tampines North Primary students raise environmental awareness.

Tampines North Primary students raise environmental awareness.

Young Journalist Scheme (Primary 5 – Sec 3)
YJS introduces students to the process of being a young journalist, team-building and understanding their role in a group. It also further develops the students’ intuition in finding information and to understand how to interview people for stories.

All our programmes are customisable to your school’s needs. For example, in July 2010, Tampines North Primary customised our Young Journalist Scheme for an internal media-based competition as part of their curriculum.

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