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Catherine says Hello

Dear Parents, Teachers and Valued Partners in Education

It is a wonderful chapter in Janus Education Services and Experiences and Experiments. Why you ask? We have moved into a new home - a quaint shophouse nestled within the historical streets of Joo Chiat Road. I am incredibly excited with this new development as it opens up space (literally and metaphorically!) for new opportunities and development of existing partnerships and projects. Read on to find out more about all the exciting educational and creative endeavours that we are pleased to present to you, as part of our ongoing mission to Break Boundaries in Creative Education and create the Next Generation of Thinkers and Writers.

~ Catherine Khoo

Janus has a New Home!

6th August marked the shift of Janus Education Services and Experiences & Experiments Pte Ltd, from Waterloo Centre to 442A Joo Chiat Road. After a month of unpacking, consulting our interior-decorating sense and spring cleaning, the office was finally spiffy enough to have the doors thrown wide open for an office-warming party. Last 20th Aug, from 3pm onwards, guests were streaming in, and thoughtfully brought books to add to our library collection in the Reading Room.

Our gracious partners who came down included Mrs. Triena Ong, the president of the Singapore Book Publishers Association; Mr. Benson Loo, CEO and co-founder of Eye Power Games whose creation of NewsMaker is a key-feature of our Digitales Award; Mr. Rama Ramachandran, Executive Director of Singapore’s Book Council; Mr. Nelson Wee, who is the Director of Business Development Content/Apps, Singtel; Mr. Stanley Han, CEO of Personal E-Motion; Mr. Ronald Kok, Vice-President of EmitAsia; Ms. Janet Choo, Manager of Social Services and Ms. Cacy Tan, Acting Senior Manager both of whom are with South East Community Development Council; and many wonderful friends and well-wishers.

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Featured Young Authors

Featured Young Authors – Bryan Lim (top pic) and Kenrick Lam (bottom pic), who graced the covers of YRC magazines for issues four and seven respectively, came down to show their support. They got opportunities to meet with their instructors, the current editor and were also geared up to be part of the newly-revamped Young Author Club-CORE.

September Holiday Workshops!

Attention Parents of primary school students!

Janus Education is offering two September Holiday programmes, to improve composition and communication skills. All you need to do is join our intensive edu-taining camps:

Creative Composition Camp - Come, Create and Compose from 5th Sept to 9th Sept, between 9:30am to 12:30pm. This course is especially for Primary 4-6 students to equip them with serious composition skill-sets that would send their composition scores soaring.

Creative Communication Camp – Come, Craft, Connect from 5th Sept to 9th Sept, between 1:30pm-4:30pm. This course is especially designed for lower primary students. This course would cover presentation and people skills, develop confidence and help in oral examinations.

In all, these fun courses are not just relevant, but timeless as well, in their ability to equip your children with skills that go beyond the academia. Click here or call 6336 8985 for further information.

Young Author Club-Core

A new venue opens up new opportunities, and one that we are very excited about is the Young Author Club-Core. A gathering of the seasoned young authors from the Young Author Scheme (YAS), The Core is YRC Magazine’s newest formidable team of young writers and bloggers under the tutelage of the current editor, Carlo Venson Peña.

Revamp of the Young Reader Club website

Keep your eyes peeled for fabulous features coming your way, only available at the Young Reader Club-online.
Ever wanted to get your hands on
  • Our treasure trove of books written by our Young Authors?
  • Bookazines that are filled with stories and tips can help get your stories featured as well?
  • Resources that teach you the FUNdamentals of English while keeping up the FUN factor?

Watch this space and find out how soon enough!

Young Author Awards and DigiTales Award (YAA/DTA 2011-12):

The closing date to enter the contests is drawing near. Have you signed up yet? If not, hurry, as the closing date for entries is Sept 30th 2011.

Go here to submit your stories and be in the running for the YAA/DTA 2011-12!

Watch out for Young Reader Club’s Latest Issue!

With an eye on cultural diversity, Volume 2 Issue 5, of the YRC magazine, covers the Cultural Capsule that is Joo Chiat Road; receives an Email from India through Parth from Mumbai; learns and uncovers little-known facts about the Peranakans and Eurasians in Singapore; and features 3 diverse stories of our Young Authors. We also talk to Darryl Boon, a 15-year old from River Valley High, about changes in his life from the precocious child that he was, which led him to write X-Terminated, and now. To top it all off, grab this issue to find out about cool pizza deals that are healthy as well, DIY-projects that get your creative juices flowing and inspirations through Breaking Boundaries.

Purchase your copy of the YRC magazine here!

For more information, visit our website: