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Catherine says Hello

Dear Parents, Teachers and Valued Partners in Education

One of the pleasures of being in the field of education is the chance to observe its developments and changes with each year. Just within this year alone, we’ve noticed an increase in the demand for workshops for visual arts and oral presentation.

Learning to communicate and interpret images is an important feature in developing visual literacy and helps a child immensely in expressing himself. Last month, our stable of programmes and events coincided with this trend.

Read on to find out how learning with images can assist your child in creative writing.

~ Catherine Khoo

New Literary Arts Programme!

On 29th March, we witnessed the graduation of our first group of students in Mastering the Magic – Writing and Illustrating Children’s Text from Cedar Girls’ Secondary School. An intensive literary appreciation course, the course taught the students how to analyse stories by writers such as Eric Carle (A House for Hermit Crab), Shaun Tan (The Arrival), Charles Perrault (Little Red Riding Hood) and Shel Silverstein (The Giving Tree). After weeks of interactive discussions on storywriting, poetry and illustration, all students created their own wholly original and illustrated storybooks.

Mr. Ellison from Project Dignity teach YAA finalists how to sign.
Some girls bound their sheets of paper to make them look as book-like as possible, whilst others mounted theirs as pieces of art and presented them to the class. When asked about her experience with the course, Ramesh Priyadharshini, 15, said, “It was a unique experience. As we grow up, we forget about ourselves as a child and this helped me remember the innocent experiences and stories that shaped us.”

Here at Janus Education, we’re very proud of their efforts. Congratulations, everyone, on the successful conclusion to this new programme. Keep writing AND illustrating!

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Mastering the Magic
– Writing and Illustrating Children’s Text

“The course gives us the experience of writing a book based on our interests and a sense of accomplishment. It helps us in writing styles. It is enjoyable and fun!“

– Isabella Lim, 15

“This programme promotes a deeper understanding and appreciation of Literature. It also allows us to learn about the behind-the-scenes work of writing a storybook and lets us know that we should not undermine children’s stories.”

Pamela Shih Qing, 15

To find out more about Mastering the Magic – Writing and Illustrating Children’s Text,
contact Nannette at
or 6336 8985 / 6336 0832 today!

Illustrating Alice Workshop

Mr. Ellison from Project Dignity teach YAA finalists how to sign.

As part of the Asian Children’s Festival , The National Library Board invited Janus Education to facilitate one of their March Holiday workshops, Illustrating Alice, last 14 March at Bukit Panjang Library.

Inspired by the stories written by Lewis Carroll, the workshop showed participants what it was like to imagine a character we’d read of or heard about and create our own idea of it using information from the story. A lot of strange and funny characters popped up in this session - one of the most memorable illustrations was that of a Cheshire cat grinning widely.

Here’s to more of these sessions on the cards!

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Young Author Club (March) Session

The YAC Session had them at the edges of their seats.
The end of the month came and went and we saw another session of YAC on 25 March. This month, we continued to discuss Characters, with special emphasis on 2D and 3D Characters. That’s another way of saying “boring” Characters and Characters with convincing personalities – both the good traits and the bad traits!
The Young Author Club will take a hiatus this month as we get ready for another series of interesting discussions and in-depth looks at developing your own story. Our session will resume next month. Come armed with an original story and we’ll see you on 27 May!

The session will be held from 4 -5.30pm at the Everest Room (Level 4), Woodlands Regional Library. RSVP to!

June Holiday Programmes

“Programmes such as the Young Digital Storyteller Scheme (YoDS) and the Young Author Scheme (YAS) seek to accomplish these goals by giving students an avenue for expression and a platform to showcase their capability. They start off with confidence-building before moving on to an affirmation of the student’s talents and finally, to the application of skills learnt to make a story. These are things which MOE strongly supports.”
-- Mr. Jimmy Tan, Deputy Director (School Appraisal), Ministry of Education at the Young Creatives! Forum 2010

Janus Education’s motto of Breaking Boundaries in Education is about empowering the learner. Combining the best of traditional methods with recent approaches, Janus Education concentrates on a need-basis module for effective education. Every activity is designed to involve the student, making learning fun and above all, to stay with the student long after the course is finished.

Young Author Scheme


Veteran author Catherine Khoo and her team of creative educators will guide and mentor your child to craft his very own story of 3,000 words (intermediate). Since its successful launch in 2003, the Young Author Scheme (YAS) has mentored hundreds of children. Many of its students have seen their own books published as paperbacks or e-books, which are available in all NLB branches. The YAS preludes the annual Young Author Award, supported by MDA, NLB, NBDCS and the Singapore Book Publishers Association.

Aspiring Writers & Illustrators Scheme (AWIS)


This highly interactive programme is an intensive introduction to composition writing. Aspiring writers will also learn the art of illustrating their stories from a professional artist.

Young Comic Artist Scheme

Specially developed with professional illustrators and comic artists, YCAS is focused on developing the novice comic artist into the art of drawing. Students tell stories using visualisation techniques and produce a 30-panel comic storybook.

Reading into Writing

The programme demonstrates the way in which good reading leads to good writing. It is an intensive introduction to composition writing skills, drawing from personal experience. The programme uses models and practise activities to teach story structure.

To register for the workshop, please fill in this registration form and contact Nanette at or 6336 8985/6336 0832 today!

For more information, visit our website: