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  Newsletter May 2012  
Catherine says Hello

Dear Parents, Teachers and Valued Partners in Education,

It’s the June holidays, and the children are lounging around, thinking of stuff to do, or are away in a far off leisure destination to clear their minds from the fuss and buzz of school. Well and good, since the mind could use some R&R from the feats that they do on a daily basis, yet let us not forget the toils that are upcoming in the weeks ahead as well. As we recline on our beach chairs and towels or sip that cool lemonade, let us be reminded of the tasks we have accomplished and those that still need to be done, just so we have a great balance of inspiration and determination to do things the best way we can.

~ Catherine Khoo

SINGAPORE-CHINA PUBLISHERS INK TIE-UPS* YAS books for conversion to e-pub as well
China-Singapore Publishing Symposium | Beijing, China | 25 April 2012
After the successful two-day publishing symposium co-sponsored by China and Singapore last 25-26 April, more of Singapore’s e-books look forward to better selling opportunities in the Chinese market, now considered the biggest consumer for books and digital content. Among these vendors who would cater to the insatiable market is Experiences & Experiments, whose books - under its sister company

Janus Education - called the Young Author Club series, will be converted to
e-publications and distributed through one of China’s biggest telecommunication companies.

Speaking in behalf of the Singapore Book Publishers Association (SBPA) during the symposium was publisher of Experiences & Experiments Pte Ltd and SBPA executive committee Catherine Khoo who emphasised the great potential for Singapore publishers which China holds. “

There is plenty of untapped potential for Singapore-made content among Chinese readers, given our shared cultural ties and the sheer size of the China market. With China’s e-publishing capabilities, and strong Singapore content comprising educational books, children’s fiction and academic publishing, both countries can leverage on our mutual strengths to create content that can travel to international markets,” said Ms Khoo.

In one of the four MOUs signed, 500 Singapore titles were offered by four Singaporean publishers in partnership with their China counterpart, Jiangxi Fine Arts Publishing. Digitisation and distribution begins by the end of 2013.

*with excerpts from MDA news bulletin

Get more information about the publishing symposium through this link.

1 April to 30 September 2012 | Students from ASEAN or Originating from ASEAN
After the successful two-day publishing symposium co-sponsored by China and Singapore’s premier writing competition for under 18s is back! Students from all over the ASEAN, or anywhere in the world, whose background is Asian, are invited to submit their stories to the 2012/13 Young Author Awards, organised by Janus Education Services and Experiences & Experiments.

Stories need to be authored by students who are 18 years old or younger, either fiction or non-fiction, at least 2,000 words, written in English, and must carry any of the following genres: Magic & Fantasy, Ghost & Ghouls, Heartwarmers, Animal Tales, Mystery & Adventure, Asian Tales, and Science Fiction. Winners of YAA get cash prizes, sponsors’ vouchers and a publishing contract either in print or e-book.

The awards is endorsed by the National Book Development Council and sponsored by the Media Development Council, the Singapore Book Publishers Association, and the National Library Board.

Nokia Video

To submit your stories, click here. Know more about the awards here.


Woodlands Regional Library | 4.00-5.30 PM | Everest Room | Every Last Friday of the Month

Marine Parade Public Library | 4.00-5.30 PM | Activity Room 2 | Every Last Monday of the Month

Building the next generation of thinkers and writers, the Young Author Club sessions at the Woodlands Regional Library and Marine Parade Public Library will have more interactive use of the Young Reader Club magazine, a bi-monthly literary magazine for 10 to 16 year olds.


Using both print and online versions of the magazine, attendees of the sessions have more opportunities to broaden their writing horizons and be further inspired by the magazine’s features and award-winning stories. With monthly focus on issues that affect children, teens and parents, the magazine also provides resources for parents and teachers to use, to increase awareness, interactivity and general knowledge in English and literary arts.

To know more about the YRC Magazine’s current focus, click here.



Nokia Video

With more and more books converting to e-publications, Janus Education has recently collaborated with Interactive Exchange Company, converting more than 167 titles of Young Author Club (YAC) stories into e-books for distribution in the Java market.

Although much less known in Singapore, the Java market actually comprises a large share of digital media consumption worldwide, since not everyone is on Android or iOS. As of current status, the YAC e-books have been downloaded in countries like Zimbabwe, the Latin Americas and India.

Click here to view the video to find out more about the YAC e-books on the Java platform.

November 2012 | Angkor, Cambodia | Only 30 slots open
Amazing Journeys

Janus Education is proud to partner with Red Dot Explorer on a unique series of travelogue programmes which helps to bond your family as you learn social responsibility. Each end-of-the-day workshop moves away from the competitive atmosphere that can pervade writing activities into an exploratory, creative atmosphere which honours and celebrates individuality, your shared experiences during the workshop, and your unique responses to these experiences of helping others.

Imagine yourself helping young underprivileged children build a school kitchen, and have the time of your life writing about it!

Join our travelogue bonding tour and experience Cambodia like no other trip can, for you and your child:
  • Learn local culture & experience it!
  • Help build schools and facilities for Cambodian children
  • Bond with your child for 7 days
  • Join a writing workshop along the way!
Your guide in this writing journey is Catherine Khoo, who will take you along this journey of self-discovery. Journeys is a published printed compilation of thoughts and experiences of you, the participants, as you help the underprivileged and build bonds along the way. Not only that, your family will also get to write your own travel app, and stand a chance to upload it to popular travel sites.

Know more about the trip click here.

Janus Education Joo Chiat Facility | June 2012 | 9.30am-12.30pm

More than 10 students attended the June holiday programmes at the Joo Chiat facility last June which ran for five consecutive days. Two programmes were offered for the June holidays: the Aspiring Writers and Illustrators Scheme, which helps K2 to P2 pupils in developing their sense of narrative structures; and the Young Author Scheme, a champion programme that mentors students into writing their first book.

Know more about the programmes here.

Various Schools | July 2012

Janus Education welcomes three schools into The Unique Classroom™ Learning Suite, in mid-June and July this year as they engage students under the Young Author Scheme, Singapore’s first and only creative writing programme that helps students author their first book!

  • Yuhua Primary School
  • Townsville Primary School
  • Catholic High School (Primary)

Kudos to your efforts to providing students the opportunity to go beyond shores and broaden their writing perspectives. Know more about the Young Author Scheme click here.


The November holidays are nearing and it’s time to plan your holidays right! Why not spend your holidays on a worthwhile programme? Join the following course offerings in either Joo Chiat or Bukit Timah, to make your holidays even more creative:

ALPHABET EXPRESSIONS.Intended for K1 and K2 students, pre-schoolers will now have the opportunity to be exposed to the basics of writing and speaking, through Alphabet Expressions, with the end product being a performance and a special script the children will craft together with the mentor.

ASPIRING WRITERS AND ILLUSTRATORS SCHEME. Draw and write? Yes, Research in early childhood development has indicated that the visual senses in 9 to 11 year olds are acute. What’s important is for him to express his thoughts. This highly interactive programme will get him to discover the creative writer in him. It also serves as an intensive introduction to composition writing. Aspiring writers will also learn the art of illustrating from a professional artist. The result: a compilation of the best stories in a specially-designed volume.

YOUNG AUTHOR SCHEME. Veteran author Catherine Khoo and her team of published authors will guide and mentor your child to craft his very own story of at least 3,000 words. Since its successful launch in 2003, the Young Author Scheme (YAS) has mentored hundreds of children. Many of its students have seen their own books published as paperbacks or e-books, which are available in all NLB branches. The YAS preludes the annual Young Author Award, supported by MDA, NLB, NBDCS and the Singapore Book Publishers Association.

Know more about our programmes.

For more information, visit our website: